Analytic Services HQ located in Falls CHurch, VA.

About ANSER.

In 1958 the Air Force needed a technically qualified, unbiased organization that could rapidly provide analysis for identified and evolving mission requirements. Resulting from this need and with the assistance of the RAND Corporation, ANSER was formed. Our client base has grown and diversified since 1958 but we have not lost the insight and innovation that led us here. To learn more about our history, please visit our History section.

Today, we are a public-service research institute organized as a not-for-profit corporation. We deliver capabilities through several mission areas focused on supporting a broad array of public sector clients in the national security, homeland security and broader policy communities. 

Aside from performing duties at our clients’ sites, ANSER and its associated operating units reside at our headquarters in Falls Church, VA, with regional offices in Colorado Springs, CO.

Our Work

ANSER provides insight into complex issues to help decision makers address national challenges.

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Our Capabilities

ANSER provides a diverse set of skills and differentiating capabilities enabling it to address a broad variety of public sector challenges.

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Our People

ANSER is committed to informing decisions that shape the Nation’s future and our people are the reason we’re able to do it.

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Our corporation is committed to Public Service and helping our clients maintain the Public Trust.


Originally established to support the Air Force in 1958, ANSER has grown over the last 50 plus years into a dynamic public service consultancy.

Location & Direction

To enhance the support of its clients, ANSER has established offices in Colorado Springs, CO with its headquarters in Arlington, VA