ANSER | Changing Roles, Changing Missions, Changing Requirements
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Changing Roles, Changing Missions, Changing Requirements


ANSER helps agencies weigh alternatives and make well-informed decisions.
We work with you to develop a logical basis for making complex choices and resource allocation decisions. We help you recognize key drivers affecting the decision, quantify cost and effectiveness trade-offs, and understand the consequences.

ANSER collaborates with agencies to provide a vital link between strategies and investments. We support agency acquisition plans, from developing requirements, to integrating planning, to accounting for risk. We support you in developing products required to support acquisition decisions.

ANSER helps government leaders plan for future challenges. ANSER supports planning in an environment of uncertain and diverse threats by developing analytically informed strategies. We support efforts to set policy priorities and make long-term strategic decisions.

ANSER supports agencies in moving from good decisions to best practices. We not only help agencies make decisions, but work hand in hand with you to develop management plans that move those decisions into actions.

ANSER helps agencies improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness. ANSER has decades of experience in operational assessment to help you meet the challenges of allocating resources, improving effectiveness, and articulating your program’s impact.



We use a multidisciplinary approach.
ANSER brings together knowledgeable staff (both internal and with partners) from varied disciplines to work on your agency’s most complex problems. We use the right analytic tools to address your challenges.

We simplify complexity.  ANSER specializes in breaking down complex issues and challenges into understandable components to focus on those most relevant to framing solutions.

We employ subject matter experts. ANSER’s analysts offer a wide range of expertise to help our government clients obtain the most knowledgeable advice.

We bring experience. On average, ANSER’s analysts have more than 18 years of professional experience. Our practical, operational expertise contributes to your success.

We partner with our clients. We work together with governmental agencies to design unique solutions for their unique problems.  And, we get out of our office and into the agency to make those solutions work.