Homeland Defense

The Homeland Defense (HD) Mission Area is focused on helping ANSER clients meet the challenges presented by a complex and uncertain global security environment that is characterized by persistent threats to the Homeland and U.S. national interests. HD provides the expertise required to develop the policies, strategies, and plans needed to support key homeland defense activities of the Department of Defense, to include the Defense Critical Infrastructure Program; domestic antiterrorism; the Defense Continuity Program; and Crisis Management. Planning for catastrophic disaster preparedness and response in the homeland and thinking strategically about vulnerabilities in our Defense and national infrastructure are core HD competencies. HD also supports the development of defense policy, strategy, and plans required to build an enduring and sustainable Defense Forensic and Biometric Enterprise in order to achieve identity superiority in military operations and business functions. These functions and their associated requirements encompass the services we provide in HD. Homeland Defense, Biometrics, and Forensics are domains where we have significant expertise and a broad network that enables ANSER to make a significant impact and attain a preferred provider status with major clients such as the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense and American Security Affairs, the DoD Director of Biometrics and Forensics, Office of the Provost Marshal General of the Army, the Defense Forensic and Biometric Agency, the Defense Forensic Science Center, and the United States Marine Corps.

Project Spotlights

ANSER Support to the Defense Biometric and Forensic Office

Client: Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics

Mock Trial Training for Forensic Scientists

Client: Defense Forensic Science Center

USMC Identity Operations CONOPS

Client: United States Marine Corps, Plans, Policies, and Operations



Office of the Assistant
Secretary of Defense for
Homeland Defense and
American Security Affairs
Office of the Provost
Marshal General
Defense Forensics &
Biometrics Agency
U. S. Army Criminal
Investigation Laboratory
U.S. Pacific Command United States Marine Corps