About Banyan Analytics

Banyan Analytics is an institute focused on the Asia-Pacific region. The institute uses analysis to inform decisions that shape the Nation’s role in the Asia-Pacific, aiding the U.S. government with the implementation of programs and initiatives involved in regional engagement efforts. The institute is a valuable partner to government offices and other organizations that operate in the Asia-Pacific, leveraging over five decades of ANSER experience supporting the U.S. government with objective research and analysis in addressing challenges that are inherent in coordinating and executing complex initiatives. 


We enhance the Nation’s security by helping decision-makers address complex issues.

Banyan Analytics provides in-depth analytical perspectives to aid the U.S. government in implementing Asia-Pacific policy effectively with data-driven decision support. The institute applies corporate expertise in analytical methods as well as staff expertise in Asian affairs to assist the government in identifying threats, mitigating their impact, deterring aggressors, reassuring and assisting allies and friends, adapting to economic and political shifts in the region, ensuring free and open trade, sustaining partnerships, supporting free and open societies, and creating predictability, stability, and prosperity for all the states in the region.


We strengthen public institutions by translating decisions into action.

The U.S. government faces significant strategic challenges in designing and calibrating its efforts towards the Asia-Pacific. Banyan Analytics envisions the creation of a comprehensive strategy or all-encompassing policy that brings together all instruments of American power to focus on shifting greater attention and emphasis onto Asia. Think tanks, academic institutions, and other research organizations based in Washington, D.C., each make valuable contributions to Asia foreign policy by offering solutions and recommendations, interpreting history or current events, and advocating important values. Banyan Analytics aims to complement these efforts by filling the gap between innovative ideas and their successful implementation. Using ANSER’s analytic tools, such as systems thinking and decision analytics, the institute will focus on the application of policies from conception to execution. This focus on decision support and the details of implementation assists the U.S. government in developing and applying successful strategies, programs, and operations.