Freedom of Information Act Support to the Secretary of Defense

Assisting the Office of the Secretary of Defense with the proper and legal release of Information to the Public.

Capability Development Support to Operations and Requirements Analysis

Helping DHS measure resilience-related program outcomes

ANSER Support to the Defense Biometric and Forensic Office

ANSER provides forensic policy and research, development, test and evaluation subject matter expertise to the Defense Biometric and Forensic Office.

Antiterrorism Strategic Engagement and Communications

ANSER is enhancing antiterrorism awareness across the Army

Our Work

ANSER provides insight into complex issues to help decision makers address national challenges.

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Our Capabilities

ANSER provides a diverse set of skills and differentiating capabilities enabling it to address a broad variety of public sector challenges.

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Our People

ANSER is committed to informing decisions that shape the Nation’s future and our people are the reason we’re able to do it.

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Our History


ANSER begins support to the Defense Production Act Committee.


ANSER continues its long history of support to boards, commissions, and task forces with assistance to the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War Commemoration.


ANSER celebrates its 50th anniversary.


The Homeland Security Studies and Analysis Institute is established as a Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) and entrusted to ANSER.


ANSER trains for bioterrorist attacks and the evaluates the V-22 Osprey’s capabilities in the War on Terror.


ANSER adopts a focus on homeland security as a corporate priority.


Using biometric identity management technologies, ANSER helps the West Virginia State Police find missing children and track fugitives.


Guiding the National Space Council and the Vice President’s Space Policy Advisory Board were top post cold war priorities for ANSER.


Supported NASA on the Challenger incident evaluation and the Strategic Defense Initiative’s Delta 180 experiment.


ANSER teams with the Air Force on long range strategic planning with Project Forecast II shaping the Air Force’s research and development for years to come.


Reaching its 20th year, ANSER looks forward with a focus on space and satellite technologies.


ANSER analysis leads to the establishment of the Drone Management Group for the Air Force Director of Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare (AF/RDR).


Keeping our Nation ahead of our adversaries when the Over-the-Horizon-Backscatter (OTH-B) radar concept is supported by ANSER.


ANSER supports the Air Force with analysis and boots on the ground in Vietnam.


ANSER is formed to assist the Air Force.

For over 50 years, ANSER has worked on behalf of our Nation with many distinctive accomplishments.

50th history book cover
Download a pdf of ANSER’s “Celebrating Fifty Years” to learn more about our rich history.