We inform decisions that shape the Nation’s future.


We advance the art and science of decision-making by applying systems thinking.

We enhance the Nation’s security by helping decision-makers address complex issues.

We strengthen public institutions by translating decisions into action.


Public Service: We are guided by the Nation’s interests.

Impact: We make a difference in missions that are vital to the Nation.

Integrity: We safeguard objectivity - as trusted agents we live by the highest ethical standards.

Initiative: We anticipate challenges and take action.

Collaboration: We build effective teams and trusted relationships with our clients, our colleagues, and our partners.

Excellence: We deliver quality in all that we do.

Corporate Goals

Thought Leader: We are Thought Leaders in applying systems thinking to vital decisions confronting the Nation.

Preferred Provider: We are a Preferred Provider of objective and insightful analyses.

Preferred Partner: We are a Preferred Partner of organizations and individuals that share our commitment to objectivity and integrity.

Preferred Employer: We are a Preferred Employer of talented professionals who are dedicated to our corporate values.

Responsible Steward: We are a Responsible Steward of the corporation’s enduring capacity for public service.