Distinguished ANSER Analyst Awarded Prestigious NASA Public Service Medal

Falls Church, VA (October 28, 2015)

ANSER is pleased to announce that Distinguished Analyst Dr. Ron Turner has been awarded the Exceptional Public Service Medal by NASA. This prestigious NASA medal is awarded to a non-Government individual for sustained outstanding performance on a NASA program that yields high quality results and makes a lasting impact on the success of the Agency. Dr. Turner was recognized for his contributions to the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts program and its predecessor, the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts. His long term effort supporting radiation risk management for astronauts was also a significant consideration in granting this award.

Dr. Turner has more than thirty years of experience, including expertise in life science systems, space systems analysis, space policy, space physics, orbital mechanics, remote sensing, and nuclear and particle physics. He is an internationally recognized expert in radiation risk management for astronauts, particularly in response to solar storms and is a member of the NASA Space Radiation Research and Clinical Advisory Panel. He led an effort at NASA to understand NASA’s requirements for operational space weather support. He is the Senior Science Advisor to the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Program and for nine years he served as Science Advisor to its predecessor, the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts, an independent institute charged with creating a vision of future space opportunities to lead NASA into the twenty-first century. Dr. Turner also supports activities related to Homeland Security, including assessments of the threat posed by severe space weather.

Dr. Turner said it was “an honor and a surprise to receive this award, for work that has been so exciting and rewarding professionally and personally.”  ANSER CEO Ron Cuneo congratulated Dr. Turner for receiving this honor from NASA and said that “ANSER is fortunate to have such a talented and dedicated Analyst and I thank him for his continued service to the corporation and to our nation.”