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Our People

The Nation faces challenges every day—the people of ANSER are committed to helping overcome these challenges. Our analysts possess a wide range of experience in both the public and private sectors. They have experience in Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, and other civil agencies. Over 60% of our analysts hold advanced degrees in a variety of academic disciplines including the physical sciences, engineering, mathematics, operations analysis, economics, business and finance, social and behavioral science, and computer science.

Additionally, our employee population reflects our unique blend of diversity—our commitment to diversity is as strong as our commitment to public service.

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We are proud of our people and the experience and commitment they bring to their work. Below is a snapshot of four individuals that share our values.

Heather Ayers

Heather Ayers

Security Administrator

It is a privilege to support ANSER as a member of the Security Service Team and the last seven years have offered professional growth opportunities that I look forward to leveraging further here at ANSER.

Robert Ruzzier

Robert A. Ruzzier

Principal Analyst

Working at ANSER and alongside well respected professionals throughout our homeland defense and national security communities gives me great motivation and a unique opportunity to contribute directly to national and international security.

Bill Watson

Bill Watson

Technical Analyst

Working at ANSER provides the opportunity to continue supporting our national defense while using the skills I developed serving for 30 years in the U.S. military.

Diego Plaza

Diego Plaza

Contracts and Proposal Administrator

I enjoy working at ANSER because I am truly making a difference for the general welfare of the nation as part of a not-for-profit corporation. Working at ANSER is challenging and rewarding and I feel privileged to be able to learn something new every day while enjoying a close working relationship with my colleagues.