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Our People

The Nation faces challenges every day—the people of ANSER are committed to helping overcome these challenges. Our analysts possess a wide range of experience in both the public and private sectors. They have experience in Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, and other civil agencies. Over 60% of our analysts hold advanced degrees in a variety of academic disciplines including the physical sciences, engineering, mathematics, operations analysis, economics, business and finance, social and behavioral science, and computer science.

Additionally, our employee population reflects our unique blend of diversity—our commitment to diversity is as strong as our commitment to public service.

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We are proud of our people and the experience and commitment they bring to their work. Below is a snapshot of four individuals that share our values.

Joseph Stankiewicz

Joseph Stankiewicz

Senior Network Engineer

ANSER has been a great place to work over the past 18 years and it has afforded me with the opportunity to grow professionally, while proudly serving the public interest.

Andre Heyrana Picture

Andre Heyrana

Business Analyst

At ANSER I have the privilege of collaborating with top notch colleagues and working with a supportive management team that inspires professional growth.

Alex Karr

Senior Analyst

My work at ANSER provides an excellent opportunity to conduct research and analysis within the homeland security policy arena for the public good.

Devon Hardy Picture

Devon Kathleen Hardy


I will forever be indebted to my colleagues and mentors at ANSER for their encouragement and support of my academic and professional aspirations.