ANSER | Nick Beaudoin
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Nick Beaudoin

Cheerful business woman along with associates

Nick Beaudoin

Technical Analyst

“ANSER gives me the tools to create simple, yet refined, data narratives.”

Client: Talent Development Program; Department of State, Cooperative Threat Reduction; Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice

Position: Technical Analyst

Skills: Data Analytics; Data Visualization; Tableau Instructor; Proposal Writing


Before joining ANSER, Nick worked as a Methodologist within the Analytic Division for a political polling firm in Washington, DC. Most of his work revolved around using data analytics to predict voter behavior and relating these models into candidate and public policy campaigns. It is here that Nick cut his teeth on innovative techniques in data science and how these techniques directly relate to informing decision-makers. At ANSER, Nick enjoys working at the crossroads of data analytics and public policymaking. His passion is to take complex data structures and refine them into simple stories for decision-makers through data visualization. As a Qualified Tableau Associate, Nick adds data visualization best-practices and data science methodologies to current proposal writing.