ANSER | Support to our Nation’s Most Solemn Obligations
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Support to our Nation’s Most Solemn Obligations

Support to our Nation’s Most Solemn Obligations

Client: The United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration

Mission Area: Global Threats and Intelligence

Remembering those who served in times of conflict, those who did not return, and those who are still missing in action is incredibly important to our Nation. The 2008 National Defense Authorization Act designated the Department of Defense to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War through: thanking veterans; highlighting the contributions of the Armed Services, other federal agencies, and nongovernmental organizations; acknowledging the assistance made on the home front; spotlighting progress in medicine, science, and technology; and by honoring our Nation’s allies.

The Office of the Secretary of Defense needed skilled practitioners to support these sensitive efforts and the ANSER operating unit of Analytic Services has since provided:

  • Expert development, planning, and event support, including the 2012 Memorial Day Ceremony at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial located on the National Mall in Washington, DC.
  • Detailed preparation of marketing and communications plans that account for vast stakeholder interests
  • Design and establishment of sound programmatic protocols for strategic and day-to-day operations

At the 2012 Memorial Day Ceremony held at the Vietnam War Memorial, President Barack Obama stated: “As a nation, we’ve long celebrated the courage of our forces at Normandy and Iwo Jima, the Pusan Perimeter and Heartbreak Ridge. So let us also speak of your courage — at Hue and Khe Sanh, at Tan Son Nhut, and Saigon, from Hamburger Hill to Rolling Thunder. All too often it’s forgotten that you, our troops in Vietnam, won every major battle you fought in.” Prior to the Ceremony, President Obama issued a Proclamation designating May 28, 2012, through November 11, 2025, as the Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War. As a corporation committed to public service, we are proud to be entrusted to help honor the fallen, veterans, and families of the Vietnam War. Further, we are committed to ensuring that our Nation honors their sacrifice, valor, and service

The United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration

The Vietnam War Commemoration will consist of a series of events and activities over the course of several years. These events will be held across the Nation and will be based on the anniversaries of events that occurred during the war, as well as conceptual and theme based events.

The Commemoration will also include an educational initiative providing material and information for academic institutions, a Commemorative Partner Program to assist state and local communities, and other organizations, in conducting commemorative events.

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