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USMC Identity Operations CONOPS

USMC Identity Operations CONOPS

Client: United States Marine Corps, Plans, Policies, and Operations

Mission Area: Mission Assurance

Identity Operations (IdOps)—the synchronized application of biometrics, forensics, and identity intelligence to establish identity, affiliations, and authorizations of an individual to deny anonymity to the adversary and to protect assets, facilities, and forces—is an evolving concept in the Marine Corps. The predominately ad hoc nature of current USMC IdOps capabilities is due in large part to their development using overseas contingency funding, now a rapidly dwindling resource, with limited doctrinal support.  To preserve the invaluable lessons learned and best practices gained from combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, IdOps needs to transform into an enduring program.

With the approval of the USMC Identity Operations Strategy 2020 and issuance of Order 5530.17, Marine Corps Identity Operations, in 2012, the Marine Corps faced the need to understand both existing and potential uses for IdOps capabilities, as well as determine how to institutionalize this critical and lifesaving capability. The Marine Corps turned to Analytic Services Inc. to develop the IdOps concept of operations (CONOPS).

This Service-level IdOps CONOPS provides linkages between how IdOps can support the full range of military operations within the Marine Corps and aligns these capabilities to Marine Air-Ground Task Force requirements.   It establishes a broad approach to providing an expeditionary IdOps capability and enables the Marine Corps to move IdOps forward across the doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel, facilities, and policy (DOTMLPF-P) spectrum. The ANSER team CONOPS development included:

  • An extensive literature review and numerous interviews of IdOps community stakeholders
  • Analyses of the results from multiple perspectives, including mission and capability requirements and DOTMLPF-P implications
  • Mission-based vignettes to illustrate IdOps employment possibilities
  • Graphical interpretations of IdOps concepts, activities, and relationships, including multiple operational views
  • Staffing and adjudication of 334 reviewer comments representing 20 USMC organizations

Major Frank Sanchez, the USMC Identity Operations Program Manager, stated that “with the support of ANSER, the Marine Corps is one step closer to moving IdOPs from a conceptual program to a more synchronized and institutional capability.”

Analytic Services’ analytic support to IdOps is providing a foundation with a broad scope that will enhance the security of all Marines.

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