ANSER exists for a purpose different from that of most companies. Our For Purpose (Not-for-Profit) charter means that our allegiance, first and foremost, is to our Nation—via the government clients we support and the analyses we deliver.

We are committed exclusively to public service. We supply federal, state and local government officials with objective, timely and forward thinking analysis independent of political or commercial influences.

As we have never been beholden to external financial stakeholders of any type, we are a preferred provider of purposeful guidance, free of short-term profit seeking motives. Because of our ability to focus on the long-term, we build effective teams and trusted relationships with our clients, our colleagues, and our partners. The public is our only stockholder and providing them value is our goal.

Our Nation needs responsible stewards and we deliver quality in all that it asks of us. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards because our bottom line is not a profit margin; it’s informing decisions that shape the Nation’s future.