We Are Here for You

Our new conference center occupies 8,000 square feet and features: five individual meeting rooms with seating capacities ranging between 8 and 46, a 121 seat auditorium, complimentary WI-FI, and a business center with phone and internet access. Each room is equipped with both digital and analog laptop inputs, ceiling microphones and cameras to enable recording, and can facilitate both audio and video conferencing.

Making it Happen

The easiest way to get started is by sitting down with the ANSER analyst who supports you and telling him or her the requirements you have for your meeting. Alternatively, you can fill out a very short form on the contact page of the ANSER website ( The second line of the form is a drop-down from which you will select “conference inquiries”. Submitting this webform will put you in email contact with ANSER’s conference coordinator with whom you will hash out all the details regarding size, availability, price, payment mechanism, and any other requirements you have for your conference or meeting.