ANSER | Workforce Analysis
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Workforce Analysis

ANSER conducted a workload assessment to serve as the basis for a five-year budget strategy roadmap to inform the Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security’s (BIS) budget development process, and communicate the agency’s future needs with the Office of Management and Budget and Congress. The roadmap provides a detailed projection of BIS’s anticipated workload and recommends a growth path and set of potential workforce investments BIS could undertake to meet its mission.

ANSER documented BIS’ mission essential processes and activities in order to develop a workload model for the entire agency. A forward-looking mission space analysis was also conducted to identify external factors that might influence BIS’ workforce demands over a 5-year planning period. Finally, ANSER provided the context for demonstrating BIS’ value to the nation by developing an analysis of best practices for measuring progress towards achieving BIS’s desired organizational outcomes.