ANSER | Howard Smith
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Howard Smith


Howard Smith

Mission Area Director, Resilience and Emergency Preparedness/Response

Dr. Howard Smith is the acting lead for ANSER’s Resilience, Emergency Preparedness and Response Mission Area, which includes such critical issues as emergency management, cybersecurity, and critical infrastructure protection. Dr. Smith is an experienced policy and program evaluator, management analyst and business leader, with 25 years’ experience in the federal government as a federal employee and as a subject matter expert and executive with private-sector federal contractors.

He has focused on methods of measuring and improving agency mission-performance. Concurrent with his first five years at ANSER as a Distinguished Analyst, he was a member of the faculty at Florida Gulf Coast University as the Program Coordinator for the Master of Public Administration program and as a professor of Political Science in the undergraduate program.

He served as a Principal at ICF International; Vice President of Operations and Principal at Advanced Performance Consulting Group, and Managing Consultant building and leading the federal performance measurement practice at EDS Government Consulting Services. Across these roles he worked closely with a variety of federal agencies, but especially focused on DOD and DHS agencies and services, including legacy DHS components the Immigration and Naturalization Service and the US Coast Guard.

He began his career supporting the federal government in the US Government Accountability Office, working on studies that helped establish the basis for the Government Performance and Results Act, and examined trade enforcement management practices at the US Customs Service.

Dr. Smith’s doctorate in Public Administration was awarded by The George Washington University. While pursuing this degree, he held the positions of research director at the Center for Innovation in Public Service, and as Project Manager for the Pew Charitable Trust’s Government Performance Project.

He holds an MBA with Distinction from Cornell University’s Johnson Graduate School of Management, and a BA in Modern European History and Literature from New College of Florida.