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Our analysts possess a wide range of experience in both the public and private sectors. They have experience in Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, and other civil agencies. Over 60% of our analysts hold advanced degrees in a variety of academic disciplines including the physical sciences, engineering, mathematics, operations analysis, economics, business and finance, social and behavioral science, and computer science.

Our commitment to diversity is as strong as our commitment to public service.

Employee Awards

ANSER believes in recognizing the efforts of its employees. To this end, we offer six major awards to encourage their endeavors in furthering our corporate goals of providing strategic analytic impact, enhancing personal professional development, capturing significant business opportunities, advancing ANSER’s mission, and making contributions to community service and community service organizations.

The General Monroe W. Hatch, Jr. Excellence Award recognizes and rewards employees whose contributions enable ANSER to achieve its corporate goals of becoming a preferred provider, a preferred employer, and a valued contributor to national and transnational issues.

The Dr. Robert M. Oliver Analytic Impact Award recognizes an employee or team for “informing decisions that shape the Nation’s future” through the generation of an analytic product that has made a significant strategic impact.

The Alan S. Boyd Award for Professional Development is presented annually to recognize the staff member who has demonstrated the most significant achievements in personal professional development and has made the greatest contribution to achieving recognition for ANSER within the professional community.

The Ronald E. Cuneo Business Development Award recognizes an employee or team who has captured a significant business opportunity that supports ANSER impact and growth goals.

The Dr. Ronald L. Kerber Mission Advancement Award is presented annually to an employee or team to recognize outstanding contributions that position ANSER to help the government address the most complex challenges facing the nation.

The Dr. Julian M. Earls Community Service Award recognizes and rewards individual or team contributions to community service and community service organizations. This award is consistent with our Not for Profit-Public Service approach to contributing to the greater good.