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Cheerful business woman along with associates

Carrie Snyders

Legislative Analyst

“ANSER has provided unique and diverse opportunities to develop professional interests and career goals and this is why I still work for the company that hired me out of college 13 years ago!”

Client: Organizational Policy & Decisions Support Directorate, Deputy Chief Management Officer, Office of the Secretary of Defense

Position: Legislative Analyst and Project Manager

Skills: Legislative research/analysis; Data collection/analysis; Collaborative process management; Plan development and implementation including resourcing; Logistics analysis, planning, and management; Document production; Writing and editing; Proposal management; Program management, planning, and control.


Carrie Snyders joined ANSER in 2004, immediately after graduating from the University of Colorado, Boulder. While she had no initial defense or military experience, over the past 13 years, Carrie has supported a range of Department of Defense clients, including: Joint Forces Command, multiple Air Force offices, the Project on National Security Reform (PNSR), the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, and the Office of the Deputy Chief Management Officer.  Her experience has included legislative analysis, executive and senior leader support, chief of staff functions, and program control/program management.  Carrie has assisted clients in developing legislative engagements strategies, played an integral role in the development and publication of the PNSR report “Forging a New Shield,” and has managed multiple contracts supporting various Office of the Secretary of Defense clients.