ANSER Pacific Air Forces Contingency Operations Development and Support

ANSER Pacific Air Forces Contingency Operations
Development and Support

Client: Pacific Air Forces A7S Security Forces

ANSER supports Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) Security Forces’ vision of risk-based integrated defense for all installations in PACAF, providing a solid foundation for defense force commanders and ensuring seamless integration of U.S. contingency forces into host-nation defenses. ANSER rebuilt and consolidated existing contingency and war plans into a comprehensive defensive architecture in compliance with Air Force, Joint, and U.S. Forces Korea guidance. This risk-based approach applied at each collocated operating base (COB) is identified as the Integrated Defense Risk Management Program (IDRMP)—a complete cycle of risk assessment applied from the resource to beyond the base boundary, including the Base Security Zone, helping ensure unhindered Air Force operations.

ANSER has developed the contingency and wartime support plans for the five Air Force COBs located on the Korean peninsula. PACAF and Seventh Air Force’s Security Forces required assistance conducting risk assessment for these COBs. ANSER applied the IDRMP process to shape and define the defensive effort supporting the operational environment and defined mission requirements for each COB on the Korean Peninsula. This process resulted in Combined Defense Plans (CDPs) for each base.

ANSER’s comprehensive CDPs help ensure an intuitive process for AF and host-nation commanders to conduct defense operations, ultimately enabling Air Force commanders to retain freedom of action and movement to effectively execute Air Force missions in all levels of the threat environment. ANSER

  • Crafted a comprehensive CDP template enabling standardized defense planning with site-specific action sets to intelligently transition contingency forces through all aspects of the threat spectrum.
  • Constructed a flexible framework delineating country-specific responsibilities at each COB while affording maximal U.S. Forces flexibility to respond to increased threat environments.
  • Coordinated with host-nation Republic of Korea Air Force security officials to surmount combined forces planning obstructions, establish operating norms, and greatly reduce the timeline for CDP coordination and approval.

Responding to a sampling display of the COB time-phased risk assessments completed by ANSER, Seventh Air Force Director of Security Forces, responded “This is an awesome process you … put together. I’m truly interested in sitting down with the team and discussing how we can codify this further and imbed it into our plans.”

ANSER is providing the planning architecture for defense planners to make risk based decisions on force flow and threat mitigation requirements supporting defense of the Korean Peninsula.

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