Antiterrorism Strategic Engagement and Communications

Antiterrorism Strategic Engagement and Communications

Client: Headquarters Department of the Army, Office of the Provost Marshal General, Antiterrorism Division

Terrorism is a persistent, yet evolving, security threat to our nation. The Army plays a critical role in helping to defeat this threat through the strategies of the Headquarters Department of the Army, Office of the Provost Marshal General (OPMG). As part of the Army’s global antiterrorism mission, the OPMG’s Antiterrorism Division plans, develops, coordinates, resources, and conducts an antiterrorism communication synchronization initiative to increase Army-wide awareness and vigilance to protect personnel from acts of terrorism and ensure continuance of essential Army functions.

Effectively fulfilling the OPMG’s objectives requires an Army that is capable of understanding, preventing, and defending against the various tactics of terrorist and extremist groups like the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. To enhance these capabilities, OPMG launched the Antiterrorism Strategic Engagement and Communications (ATSEC) initiative in 2008 to provide heightened awareness, knowledge, and understanding of antiterrorism policy and doctrinal concepts, techniques, and requirements across the Army. Since the inception of this initiative, the ANSER team has emphasized planning, created antiterrorism themes and messages, and developed communication products to enhance antiterrorism awareness across the ARMY based on ATSEC’s priorities. Some of the team’s most notable accomplishments include:

  • Developing the Antiterrorism Communication Synchronization Plan along with supporting quarterly themes and messages. For fiscal year 2017, the focus will be on increasing awareness on unmanned aerial systems, irregular/asymmetric warfare, antiterrorism strategy and policy revisions, and violent extremism
  • Creating products and tools to support antiterrorism communication efforts, including leaders’ primers, desk reference guides, brochures, posters, information papers/fact sheets, pamphlets, pocket cards, and case studies
  • Generating news releases and leveraging media forums to broadcast communication on the state of antiterrorism and the existing terrorist threat
  • Producing videos, public services announcements, and antiterrorism vignettes based on current and historical events
  • Supporting the yearly antiterrorism conference in February and an annual Antiterrorism Awareness Month projected for August

ANSER has helped the Army’s Antiterrorism Division address complex strategic engagement and communications challenges and has made our nation more secure by increasing Army-wide awareness and vigilance against terrorist threats. The Provost Marshal General (PMG) thanked ANSER for its continued support and commended the team for its quality contributions to the Antiterrorism Division’s communication efforts. The PMG said that “he and the new G-34 are impressed by the antiterrorism awareness products as well as the various communication channels.”  ANSER has served as a trusted partner since 2008, delivering solid past performance that places the corporation in a favorable position to continue supporting ATSEC as it remains a critical program in the OPMG Antiterrorism Division.

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