ANSER | Mentor-Protégé Program
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Mentor-Protégé Program

Mentor-Protégé Program

Client: Department of the Army, Office of Small Business Programs

Mission Area: Joint Operations

The Mentor-Protégé Program (MPP) is specifically designed to shape and expand the industrial base in support of the warfighter by developing the technical and business capabilities of small businesses. The Department of the Army Office of Small Business Programs’ MPP gives prime contractors an incentive to mentor, team, and subcontract with small businesses, with the goal of increasing small business participation in Department of Defense and Army contracts. The MPP offers benefits to both the protégé and the mentor. The protégé benefits from the technological capabilities, management skills, and enhanced competitiveness provided by the mentor. As the mentor, ANSER benefits by establishing a long-term relationship with a highly qualified and price-competitive small business partner.

The ANSER team arranged training opportunities, provided business development research, and identified areas of growth for the protégé. This training included Systems Thinking Orientation and Causal Loop courses, as well as Capture Management, Proposal Writing, and Pricing Strategies courses. ANSER facilitated ISO 9001, Capability Maturity Model Integration and Program Management Professional certifications through George Mason University’s Small Business Development Center. ANSER has expanded its offerings to include courses in decision analytics, capabilities-based programmatic roadmap development, and strategic business development. Participating in these and other training courses has enabled the protégé to establish differentiating capabilities as it pursues Defense contracts.

ANSER and Halfaker and Associates—a Service-disabled, veteran-owned, 8(a), woman-owned small business—began an MPP agreement in September 2010 and completed the agreement in August 2013. While there were challenges, the program’s flexibility, combined with ANSER and Halfaker’s shared values and close relationship, has resulted in great success. The process improvement approach not only maximized Halfaker’s efficiencies in technology development, but also enhanced the quality of the service provided to the government. The ANSER team is proud to be a part of Halfaker’s growth, particularly in technology development. ANSER looks forward to continuing its close, positive relationship with Halfaker well beyond the MPP agreement.

Because of the successes achieved in the current MPP agreement, the Army has asked ANSER to submit proposals to mentor two protégés in the next cycle.

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