ANSER Donates $40,000 to Aid Maui Wildfire Recovery Efforts

Nov. 6, 2023

Falls Church, Va., In a demonstration of unwavering support, ANSER employees have rallied to provide aid to the wildfire-stricken regions of Maui. The company and its employees collectively donated to the Maui Strong Fund and the Maui Food Bank, with matched contributions totaling nearly $40,000.

Micah Kāne, CEO of the Hawaii Community Foundation, extended his gratitude to ANSER, noting that the company's financial aid was instrumental in recovery efforts. "Your contribution is a testament to your compassion and dedication to making a positive impact on our community," Kāne said. "Thanks to the quick and generous response from donors like you, we can rapidly deploy grants to community organizations on the front lines of emergency response efforts, providing much-needed assistance to families, individuals, and communities affected by the wildfires…Mahalo!"

With a corporate culture that emphasizes “family,” ANSER has consistently shown a commitment to social responsibility. The company's support for Maui's wildfire recovery efforts is the latest example of its ongoing pledge to make a positive impact in the communities it serves.


About the Organizations Supported:

- Maui Strong Fund: Provides financial resources to support the immediate and long-term recovery needs for the people and places affected by the devastating Maui wildfires.

- Maui Food Bank: A nonprofit organization located in Maui, Hawaii, that aims to alleviate hunger by collecting and distributing food through community partnerships.


How to Still Get Involved:

To contribute directly to the Maui Strong Fund or the Maui Food Bank, please visit their respective websites. Every contribution counts.


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