Corporate Security Services

Phone: 703.416.2000
Hours: Mon-Fri, 7am to 5pm EST, except holidays.

Help Desk

Phone: 703.416.4466
Hours: Mon-Fri, 6am to 5pm EST, except holidays.

To remotely connect to ANSER, select one of the options from the left-hand menu. A description of each link is below.

  • O365 Webmail: Use this link to access your ANSER email and change your email password.
  • Security Control (SECCON): Use this link to view your clearance, submit visit requests, report life changes, foreign travel, suspicious contacts and incidents, view your clearance status, complete Annual Training, and send encrypted messages to SST.
  • Notifications: Use this link if you are using a non-ANSER managed device (i.e. a home pc or client pc). Citrix VDI Instructions, and Corporate Notifications and Events List.
  • CITRIX VDI (ACE Online): Use this link to access a virtual desktop with access to internal resources such as ACE Online, network drives, and the full Outlook Client.
  • UNANET Time Entry: Provides direct access to the corporation’s timekeeping, and expense-reporting platforms.
  • SUBK Time Entry: Gives ANSER subcontractors and consultants access to the corporation’s timekeeping and expense-reporting platforms.
  • Partners Sites (EMOSS): EMOSS is our collection of external collaboration sites that provide ANSER employees with a platform to work with our partners. Partners with an EMOSS portal account may login here. Employees should login using one of the above VPN links, then access EMOSS as normal.
  • Ethics Training (Navex Learning Management System): Get familiar with issues to avoid problems and know when to seek advice. The materials will help you to become a better-informed employee and will assist us in helping you more effectively.
  • ADP: HRIS (Human Resource Information System) and Payroll System