ANSER | Remote Access Services
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Remote Access Services

Corporate Security Services

Phone: 703.416.2000
Hours: Mon-Fri, 7am to 5pm EST, except holidays.

Help Desk

Phone: 703.416.4466
Hours: Mon-Fri, 6am to 5pm EST, except holidays.

To remotely connect to ANSER, select one of the options from the left-hand menu. A description of each link is below.

  • VDI: Use this link if you are using a non-ANSER managed device (i.e. a home pc or client pc).  This connection provides access to Webmail and Virtual Desktops.
  • ANSER Managed Laptops: Use this link if you are teleworking with a corporate-issued device. Outlook, SharePoint, and other corporate applications will function as if you were at the ANSER site. Once you are connected, your drives will be mapped.
  • UNANET Time Entry: Provides direct access to the corporation’s timekeeping, and expense-reporting platforms.
  • SUBK Time Entry: Gives ANSER subcontractors and consultants access to the corporation’s timekeeping and expense-reporting platforms.
  • Partners Sites (EMOSS): EMOSS is our collection of external collaboration sites that provide ANSER employees with a platform to work with our partners. Partners with an EMOSS portal account may login here. Employees should login using one of the above VPN links, then access EMOSS as normal.
  • Ethics Training (Navex Learning Management System): Get familiar with issues to avoid problems and know when to seek advice. The materials will help you to become a better-informed employee and will assist us in helping you more effectively.
  • ADP: HRIS (Human Resource Information System) and Payroll System
  • Host Checker: For testing ANSER managed laptops.
  • Taleo Manager: Recruiting Applicant Tracking System (ATS)


What if I forgot my RSA Key?

If you have forgotten or lost your token, please call the Corporate Help Desk at 703.416.4466.

My ANSER password is not working?

If you need to reset your ANSER password, please call the Corporate Help Desk at 703.416.4466.

I am at a client site (government facility) and cannot connect.

Some client sites may have security restrictions that will prevent you from using the VPN. If this is the case, please coordinate with both your client’s helpdesk and the Corporate Help Desk to find a resolution.

How do I request a partner site or partner site account?

Only requests received from ANSER management will be processed. If you are an employee in need of a site, please have your manager complete the Site Request Form. If you are a partner in need of an account, please contact your corporate POC and have the POC submit an Account Request Form. Both forms are found on the Customer Service page on ACE under Employee Services.

What happened to my network drives?

Your H, L, O, P, W, or Z drive will get mapped only when you logon at the office. You can manually map a drive if you connect using an RSA token. Please call the Corporate Help Desk at 703.416.4466 if you need assistance mapping a drive manually.