2015: A Change in Leadership

In the corporate lifetime of Analytic Services Inc., the United States has been served by 12 Presidents. ANSER, on the other hand, has had only five chief executives. This history of stable, steady leadership has built a resilient company capable of navigating the rough seas of the contracting environment while maintaining its focus on providing unbiased studies and analysis to our government clients.

The face of that leadership changed in April 2015 when ANSER president Dr. Ruth David retired. Dr. David had served as the company’s fourth president since 1998. Under her direction, ANSER developed a new area of expertise—homeland security—which had positioned us well to help the Nation after the events of 9/11. Eventually Analytic Services would become the home of the Homeland Security Institute, a federally funded research and development center devoted to applying scientific, technical, and analytical expertise to address national policy and security issues.

With Dr. David stepping down, an extensive search ensued. In November, Carmen Spencer took the helm as ANSER’s new president and CEO. He became the fifth person to hold that position in the company’s 60-year history.