ANSER | Acquisition Analysis
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Acquisition Analysis

ANSER assisted the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Office of Chief Procurement Officer, Program Accountability and Risk Management, Acquisitions Program Support Division, in its efforts to prevent or mitigate future schedule breaches by conducting a detailed root-cause analysis. The task focused on an historical examination of Level 1 and 2 major acquisition programs and the analysis examined breaches that resulted in schedule re-baselining. The analysis determined critical points in the DHS Acquisition System process that can be enhanced to prevent or mitigate future schedule breaches. In addition, to help the DHS, Science and Technology Directorate make cost-effective choices and justify its acquisition decisions, ANSER prepared a non-prescriptive, quick-reference publication, Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) Methodologies: Considerations for DHS Acquisition Analysis, highlighting important considerations for DHS in structuring acquisition analyses. This project illustrates ANSER’s expertise in evaluating progress toward mission objectives, choosing among competing material and nonmaterial solutions, and evaluating costs, benefits, and risks.