ANSER understands the unique challenges facing government leaders when it comes to proving and improving results, and we pride ourselves on providing unbiased and objective performance measurement and program evaluation analysis to our clients. ANSER has recently completed a performance measurement study in support of the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation, Office of Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR).

As part of this study, ANSER collected and analyzed a range of qualitative and quantitative data pertaining to the funding provided to Iraqi individuals and institutions during FY13-17 through two grants programs: Biorisk Management Enhancement Grants and Chemical Security Improvement Grants. Assessing the overall results of these grant programs and tracking and analyzing trends about performance of related awards is critical to gain insights into their contributions to U.S. national security efforts in general, and nonproliferation objectives in particular. Using available data, ANSER provided CTR with a range of insights, visual analytics, and integrated empirical evidence about characteristics, trends, and performance of the aforementioned awards as well as a range of recommendations to enhance grant management processes and practices.