ANSER has extensive experience in meeting the workforce and manpower analysis needs of senior DoD leadership and other federal government clients. We supported the Washington Headquarters Service to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the management of total force manpower resources across the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the defense agencies, and the DoD field activities. Specifically, ANSER helped develop policies and procedures to better determine workforce requirements necessary to meet the mission need.

For the Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), we conducted an analysis to understand new mission responsibilities assigned by Congress and what additional manpower resources were needed to execute their new mission requirements. As a result, ANSER helped BIS make a compelling, evidence-based request to the Office of Management and Budget for additional resources to meet the new mission responsibilities.

ANSER also conducted analyses of human capital issues associated with the human resources specialist occupation for the Department of Homeland Security, Headquarters Office of the Chief of Human Capital. We identified workload challenges and provided recommendations related to processes, procedures, staffing ratios, and production activities to meet staffing deadlines.